Facts and Figures:

  • Number of businesses included in the BID (with a rateable value of £7,500 and above) 641
  • Total Rateable Value of businesses in the area £48,500,950
  • How much will the BID raise per year? (based on 1% levy) £485,000
  • Total funds raised over 5 years £2,425,000

Aims and Objectives

What are Exeter’s BID’s priorities?

Exeter is a great city that has everything, history, heritage, beautiful buildings, coast and country  and a pretty good retail offer. But so have many other cities around the country. The increased use of the internet for retail and the ability and willingness of customers to travel means that Exeter can not sit on its laurels and expect things to remain the same.

Other cities within easy travelling distance of Exeter, our competition, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth and Bath for example, are waking up to the fact that in order to stay ahead of the competition they have to offer more and shout louder. They have introduced BIDs.

The Exeter BID gives Exeter businesses the opportunity to work together to decide the priorities for pushing Exeter ahead and delivering a comprehensive delivery plan to achieve those priorities for the city. In short, for business to take control and set the agenda for the city for the next 5 years.

Throughout May and June 2014 were one to one consultations with businesses in the BID area. Over  250 businesses were contacted, with the BID champions on hand to help with this stage of the BID process. All champions were contacted to get their feedback.

As well as holding one to one meetings in the BID area, meetings with businesses in Queen Street, North Street and Cathedral Close, South St and Fore Street were held.

Findings during the Summer 2014

Key priorities that came forward:

1. Coordination and communication of City Centre activities

2. More coordinated and higher profile marketing of Exeter beyond the SW region, to include: major events, strategic marketing campaigns, branding and identity

3. Public realm improvements in secondary retail areas to include paving, buildings maintenance, cleansing, street dressing and signage.

4. Parking and access – parking costs, traffic congestion, Park and Ride timetable.

5. Security concerns – around the night -time economy and street begging.

6. Reduced overheads – through collective bargaining and bulk buying

The BID business plan was finished later in 2014.

We look forward to hearing from you so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions by emailing info@exeterbid.co.uk .

January 2015

 The Exeter Business Improvement District plan was released to read in full. Click here to view.

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