BID Projects Looking after business

Have your say

YOU SAID “Lots goes on in the city which we don’t know about until it’s too late we would like to have more say about how our city is run and managed.”

Exeter BID will deliver:

  • BID Board elections – it will be up to you to nominate and elect your Board.
  • Better communication - we will ensure that there is a website with up-to-date information   constantly available.
  • Networking meetings - we will facilitate networking meetings for streets and areas in the BID area so you can share information and good practice with your colleagues.
  • The BID Welcome Team will be a first point of contact on the streets.
  • Strength in numbers - 640 businesses will have real influence and clout.


Cutting your costs

YOU SAID “Overheads for small businesses are too high, it makes considering voting for a BID more difficult.”

Exeter BID will deliver:

  • Bulk purchase insurance scheme. Many BIDs across the UK have negotiated bulk purchase deals with insurance providers to secure discounts for BID members. Exeter BID would look to do the same for BID voters in the city.
  • Waste cardboard initiative - the BID will look to build a scheme to collect waste cardboard for recycling to save businesses commercial waste costs.
  • Energy saving and cost reduction scheme – the BID will work with established agents in the business of cost saving reductions for energy bills.
  • Digital High Street and other training opportunities - to ensure that Exeter businesses can compete on digital platforms. 
  • Welcome Host training for employees in the BID area.
  • Footfall counters to measure success. The BID will install additional cameras to encourage investment, provide evidence of its success and to support its activities.

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