BID Projects Welcome and Safe

Getting into town and finding your way around

YOU SAID “Exeter is so difficult to get into and high parking charges make it hard to recruit good staff.”

“If you stand in the middle of the city you would have no idea that there are some great little streets full of independent shops, we need better signposting and transport to get people to explore the city – even down the steep hill!”

 Exeter BID will deliver:

  • Staff discount bus fares monthly / quarterly / annual tickets. The BID team will work with Stagecoach to provide a preferential discount season ticket for staff working within the BID area to help you to recruit and retain the best people.
  • A car parking discount scheme for staff in the BID area. We will negotiate with Exeter City Council to bring in a limited scheme to offer discounted parking in selected car parks for staff working in the BID area.
  • A parking redemption scheme for customers to be promoted by the BID on behalf of business. Encourage our customers to stay longer and shop more by offering to       contribute to their parking fee.
  • Way-marking schemes – to get people to the interesting and quirky side streets full of independent business. Install colourful and themed way-markers for the streets off the main drag that will encourage shoppers to explore.

Clean up!

YOU SAID “Exeter is a lovely city but the pavements and buildings outside of the main centres like Princesshay are often dirty and badly maintained.”

Exeter BID will:

Negotiate with Exeter City Council to enhance cleansing with an additional hot wash   service.

  • Coordinate commercial waste disposal services.
  • Organise a Clean up scheme with Community Payback Service.
  • Recruit a Welcome Team – to provide a rapid reporting service for defects and littering.

Safe and Secure

YOU SAID “There seems to be more street begging and night-time disorder –  it would be good if the BID could help to reduce that.”

Exeter BID will deliver:

  • Purple Flag – The BID will achieve the gold standard of Management for the Night Time Economy: this will give customers the confidence to know that Exeter is a safe place in which to enjoy a night out.
  • Exeter Business Against Crime – grow and develop the radio link scheme for all businesses in the BID area, to provide an effective early warning system to fight crime and share information.  Currently EBAC is a self funded organisation with  150 members. The BID will work closely with EBAC to grow membership and to increase the flow of information across the city to tackle and avert crime.

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