Co cars

Exeter BID has agreed reduced car hire rates for BID businesses. Co-cars, which provide 'car hire by the hour' from £3.75, are offering BID member businesses FREE Annual Membership if they join before 31st December 2017.

The cars are in dedicated on-street parking bays in central Exeter and elsewhere, available 24/7, are booked via your phone or online and accessed via a smartcard.

This discount would save a business the standard Annual Membership fee of £10 per year, per employee registered as a member. For example, if you are a business with six participating members of staff, you will save £60.

The additional benefits of Free Annual Membership also enable BID businesses to book Co-cars at a cheaper hourly rate. Costs start from £3.75 per hour and with daily rates from £25, plus 15p per mile + VAT. Co-cars cover the costs of the fuel, insurance, cleaning and servicing.

Co-cars are also offering FREE first year’s residential annual membership (saving £25) to businesses staff that join Co-cars under Corporate membership. For more details and car locations see

How to join:

  • Each business will need to complete the Organisation’s online application form.
  • Get each employee who needs access to our cars to complete the Employee’s online application for
  • Each application form MUST contain the promotional code BIDBUS17

All online application forms can be found at

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