Enhanced Street Cleansing Service

In May 2016 we introduced an enhanced street cleansing service, which is fully funded by our levy income. The service will focus specifically on BID areas to ensure a cleaner and more pleasant environment for local businesses, residents of and visitors to the city.

Working together with Exeter City Council, our cleaning operative, Roger, was appointed to enhance the existing street cleansing programme. Thanks to a shared commitment between the City Council and the BID, a pavement scrubbing machine is made available to Roger, providing a 7 days a week cleansing service for Exeter. The removal of discarded chewing gum from pavements is now possible, thanks to a special machine bought especially for the purpose by the BID.

Our operative is equipped with a new electric vehicle to assist him in carrying out various other cleaning duties in and across the BID area. The vehicle comes with a pressure washer to provide an effective way of deep-cleaning pavemens and it will also be used to collect debris and waste. Streets such as North Street, South Street and Queen Street, which have previously been omitted from a dedicated cleaning service have been included in his rounds.

Our operative also works closely with our Welcome Team, who alert him to any issues or problems encountered during their rounds of the city.

To help report cleansing issues, please contact Cathryn, Lisa or Abi at One Voice Media on 01392 278801  from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please bear in mind that our operative's working hours are 5am to 1:00pm, Sunday & Monday and 7am to 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, so if your call is received after he has finished, he will not be able to attend until his next working day. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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