Useful Business Contacts

he Exeter BID is working closely with partner organisations to tackle issues that will help our city remain a pleasant environment to work in and to visit.

The contact details below may be used to report issues that you feel need addressing.

The contact details for the Member Benefits Scheme are listed, also.


Report Type

Who to Contact

Contact Email Address

Contact Tel. No.

Abandoned vehicles and bikes

Environmental Health Services

01392 265 147

Graffiti and flyposting

Illegal advertising

Flyposting – Environmental Health Services

More permanent advertising - Planning

01392 265 147




01392 265 223

Illegal street trading


01392 265 702

Drain and gulley

Devon County Council Highways

All reports should be made via the website -


0345 155 1004

Roads and pavements


Signs, bollards and street furniture

Street lighting


Report Type

Who to Contact

Contact Email Address

Contact Tel. No.

On-street waste

Exeter City Council’s Cleansing Department

01392 265 010

Street cleaning

Commercial Waste

Exeter City Council’s Commercial Waste Department

01392 665 010

Public and Greenspace Operational issues, (Sweeping, public toilets, graffiti, fly posting, and grass cutting issues)

Exeter City Council’s Public and Greenspace Operations

The Exeter BID’s Enhanced Street Cleaning Service

The service focuses specifically on areas within the BID to ensure a cleaner and more pleasant environment for local businesses, residents of and visitors to the city. Working together with Exeter City Council, our cleaning service enhances the existing street cleansing programme.


BID Office

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The working hours of the BID’s Cleaning Operative are 5am to 1:00pm, Sunday & Monday and 7am to 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, so if your call is received after he has finished, he will attend on his next working day.

07872 870 116


(Please use this number for reporting cleansing issues only)

Phone boxes

British Telecom

0800 661 610 (option 1)


Report Type

Who to Contact

Contact Email Address

Contact Tel. No.

Anti-social behaviour

Environmental Health Services

01392 265 147


Face-to-face fundraising


01392 265702

Emergencies 999

Non-emergency 101

Phone 999 immediately if:-

life is threatened,

if people are injured,

If offence committed and offenders are nearby,

if immediate action is required to save lives, stop injury or catch criminals.

999 should not be used to report lost items, noisy neighbours or to check if your plug sockets are working. These are real examples of when people have called the emergency number.


Calls to 101 from landlines and mobiles cost 15 pence per call, no matter how long the call lasts or what time of day you call.

Completing one of the online forms or emailing is free!

To report a non-emergency crime please complete the online crime reporting form . The aim is to process your report within 24 hours.


Member Benefits Scheme

Meercat Associates

01444 416 529


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